• Sling wheel

    The spinning wheel is also called quick-setting copper sleeve and copper roller. It is used on the spinning machine or the spinning furnace. It is the core component for preparing amorphous and nanocrystalline soft magnetic materials and permanent magnet NdFeB spinners. Because of its high thermal conductivity, high strength and high softening temperature, the chromium-zirconium-copper throwing wheel can maintain a good cooling effect for a long time in a high-temperature working environment, ensuring high efficiency in the production process and stable product quality.

  • Connector

    It is used for large-scale generator sets and is a key connecting component for high-voltage power transfer and transmission of generator sets. It is widely used in large-scale thermal power plants and nuclear power plants at home and abroad. The products are mainly high-strength and high-conductivity chromium bronze alloys, which have strict requirements on the control of internal and surface defects of the material, and generally require 10 years of service under high voltage (above 60KV).